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Return To Paradise

Who we are

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Our Story

Return to Paradise's lead singer Anthony Paul flawlessly recreates both Dennis Deyoung and Tommy Shaw's impressive vocals and sizzles on stage while keyboardist Robert Epstein thrills audiences using stacks of synthesizers to reproduce Dennis Deyoung's famous keyboards with flair and vigor.


Guitarist and music educator James Erickson dynamically emulates with precision, the technique of the guitar riffs that made Tommy Shaw and James Young guitar masters.

Guitarist Ron Torina pairs up with James Erickson bringing the detail and matching tones of Tommy Shaw and James Young helping to create a powerful Guitar section for Return to Paradise.

Rounding out the band, driving the beat is the thunderous and at all times boisterous rhythm section comprised with bass guitarist/keyboardist/vocalist Paul John Cruz with over 30 yrs experience along with drummer/vocalist Sean Minardi who brings masterful drumming and vocal skills. Together they truly have collective soul giving the band a supreme solid foundation.

Our Mission

Return to Paradise focuses on Styx's trademark high-pitched harmonies, mixed with the dual-guitar assault, solid rhythm section as the driving force of talent with influential, flashy keyboards... Come Sail Away, Renegade, Lorelei, Lady, Grand Illusion, Fooling Yourself, Don't Let It End, Snow blind, Babe, Why Me, Mr.Roboto, Rockin'The Paradise are just a few of the many high-end radio songs lingering in our hearts and minds forever.

Styx fans will fall in love with Anthony Paul's lockdown on Dennis and Tommy's voices and grandeur looks. Our return to Paradise show recreates all of Styx Greatest Hits spanning four decades with a faithful, distinctive sound that instantly ignites audiences memories and brings them to their feet!

We are positive that our Return to Paradise show will energize any town or stage.We strive to bring you back to a time when Dennis Deyoung,Chuck Pannozo, Tommy Shaw, and James Young all shared the same stage together establishing their historical imprint in our hearts to last a life time!

Our Logo

On occasion sometimes the band is asked if our logo has any meaning or is it symbolic to anything in particular. The design of the logo is a true representation of the bands very essence.

The Wings

The wings represent the freedom and flight that each member has within the band, to be who they are and express their personalities and opinions within the structure of the band.

The Light Source

The light source represents the energy that's created as a whole given by each band member which in turn gives every song performance it's life and emotion.

The Center Medallion

The Center Medallion represents the bond holding it all together strong like metal yet filled with life and love for everything they do.

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